I like fun and I love the sun, the sea and music. I have many girlfriends and we adore each other. I love very much a life in all its manifestations. Im interested in everything in the world. Also I love all people and Im open to everybody.

I participate in sports, especially skiing and swimming. I love to dance and travel. I have toured many countries. Most of all I like Latin America. Every morning I start the day with my run. I have a happy life and I invite everyone to be happy with me. I have little time for studying, but I try to learn from the good. I hope to see even more beautiful

things on this planet and also hope there is life on other planets.

Age first shot: 21
Breasts: small
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Measurements: 35/25/35
Height: 5` 7″
Weight: 117 lbs
Country: Russian Federation
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Is shaved? shaved

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